Car Management



Save time and money with Hewitt’s Car Management Services.


If you have a modern busy lifestyle and have little time to organize all your vehicle related problems, let me help.


Buying or selling a car?


If you need advice on purchase or sales of cars, I can offer you the benefit of my knowledge gained during many years in the motor trade.

I can offer opinions on, Makes, Models, price and market trends. I can help or indeed carry out negotiations on purchase of cars if you do not like the idea of dealing with car salesmen.


For more information please email or call me.


Servicing and Maintenance


I can also care for your current vehicle, with advice on where and when to get it serviced and maintained.

I can arrange or carry out collection and delivery, and can arrange or provide courtesy cars.

I can also advise and arrange similar services for bodywork.



For more information please contact me.

Telephone: 0161 434 2731

From outside the UK, dial +44 161 434 2731