About Us


Hewitt’s Classic Cars provide a range of MG and other classic cars of exceptional quality and depth. We use the knowledge gained through 25 years dealing with all aspects of the classic car business to assemble an unrivalled collection of interesting vehicles.


The business was started by John Hewitt in 1974 after a career in professional motor racing. John was works manager for Graham McRae’s very successful formula 5000 team dealing with racing car manufacture, as well as team management. After this he went to Surtees Formula 2, and then Graham Hill’s Formula 1 team in similar roles.


We began by carrying out mechanical, bodywork, and restoration on all types of classic car, before concentrating our efforts on the MG Marque. By the time Bill Hewitt joined the company in 1979 Hewitt’s Classic Cars had expanded into sales and MG parts. The company continued to expand during the 1980s with an MOT station, rolling road, and several more body shops and restoration shops, second hand parts, and a classic car aerosol paint company, with a combined work force of 25 people.


In the 1990s the business polarised with myself, just dealing with sales, and John Hewitt concentrating on race preparation - see www.hewittsracing.co.uk, and Mark Gibson running the Mechanical repairs as MG Mechanical Services. This symbiotic relationship seems to work well for all concerned.


As we entered the new millennium we decided to take the radical step of making the sales business Internet based and doing without a showroom. The benefit of this move is reflected in our prices.


We always have about thirty cars in stock. We tend to concentrate on MGs, although we regularly have other great classic Marques such as Triumph, Jaguar, Morgan, Lotus, TVR, Alfa Romeo and many more. Over the years we have become familiar with the eccentricities and foibles of these cars and so if you are looking for a specific car, we can help you find it, or if you have found one we can inspect it to give you peace of mind.


If you are looking for more exotic machinery like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, or Ferrari, again we can help you find your dream.


We can also supply competition cars. Our knowledge of racing, having clocked up literally hundreds of wins between us, allows us to give you the best advice when contemplating entry into the sport. Not only can we supply the car, or source one if we do not have anything suitable available, but we can help with tuition and setting up of the vehicle.


In short if you have any questions about any aspect of classic cars please contact us via e-mail, telephone, or fax, and we will be pleased to answer your queries.

Telephone: 0161 434 2731

From outside the UK, dial +44 161 434 2731