1967 British Racing Green Roadster


Brief history  :-

 I acquired the car in October 2013. It is a RHD car which originally went to South Africa and then to California, so it has been in dry climates all its life.
 We got the engine running and checked it out and then stripped the car to a bare shell.
The engine had a new sump and water pump and was cleaned and painted. The gearbox which had been changed to a non o/d was replaced with a correct
o/d gearbox with both the gearbox and o/d being fully rebuilt.

 The axle and front suspension were stripped cleaned and painted with all new bushes etc. in the rebuild.

 The shell was inspected and found to have some pepperpot holes on one side of one floorpan. This section of the
floor was replaced together with the battery boxes and small centre chassis section outrigger repairs.
The shell is otherwise original.

  The shell was then stonechipped underneath and painted in its original colour GN29 Dark British Racing Green.

 The seats were stripped and built up with new rubber diaphragms, foam bases and original type black piped white leather covers.
The rest of the interior was again replaced with the correct period carpets and trim.

 The wiring loom was replaced together with any of the electrical components which did not function when tested (most of them).

 The car was then MOTd and registered and then thoroughly tested and debugged, fitted with new tyres, tonneau etc, etc.






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